This Prestashop module validates a customer based on OTP sent to a mobile number. This module uses BulkGate service to send messages. So, for this to work, you need a BulkGate account, from which you will get API ID and Token.


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  • Verify Customer mobile number by SMS OTP
  • Works with Presta-SMS which has back end service of BulkGate
  • BulkGate is one of the cheapest and most reliable SMS service providers out there
  • All verified Customers are genuine and thereby prevent fake orders
  • Customers can be notified quickly through Mobile, even if they do not have internet or email access and notifications are always read
  • OTP SMS works in conjunction with only BulkGate. Note: We are NOT anyway related to BulkGate
  • Once member is verified, OTP is not asked again.
  • Works for guest checkouts also

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