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  • By Deepak Dhamuria March 5, 2020 In Technical

    You have developed your own web application using AngularJS with backend built on NodeJS, Java or any other technology of choice. In your local, you run it by just running npm start or ng serve. But when it comes to running it on a production environment, you either have to

  • By Deepak Dhamuria February 28, 2020 In Technical

    Recently I moved from AdMob to MoPub because I wanted to use a mediation and try out Facebook Audience Network and AdMob rather than stick to just AdMob. Also, MoPub is very good in terms of revenue generation. Implementing on my Android app was a

  • By Deepak Dhamuria February 11, 2020 In Technical

    In part 1 we saw how to convert a static HTML site into a WordPress site. Although the site is converted, it is not very dynamic. All the images and content is embedded inside the front-page.php and to edit it, you need to edit code,

  • By Deepak Dhamuria February 7, 2020 In Technical

    HTML websites have come a long way from being static text content to dynamic responsive content. With website builders like Mobirise, building websites has become very very easy. You can use Mobirise to build sites using a drag and drop editor which has thousands of